Fast recovery after race-day

Recovery after a triathlon or marathon is an essential part of a training plan. However, many athletes ignore this period.

Too bad, because if you ignore this period you risk injuries and increase the total recovery time of your triathlon or marathon. It also leads to stagnation of your progression and overtraining in the long run.

Use these 3 periods to help you recover properly.

What is better: evening or morning training

It is wonderful to see the world wake up. To finish your training, before the delusion of the day begins. I prefer to do my training in the morning. During one of these trainings I wondered if these morning trainings have a good effect? Which time is better to train: morning or evening? The answer […]

How you never hit a wall again on the bike

In 2015 I rode my first long ride on my bike. I ran into problems that were new to me. After 1.5 hours of riding, the power flowed from my legs, my stomach growled and my mood went downhill faster than Chris Froome on the Peyresourde Hitting the wall is the expression used for the […]

How you become a faster runner

Every runner strives for better PR in the next race. Earlier you read focus points to keep in mind during your training sessions. Read below 3 simple adjustments of your training to make you faster.